STST On Animation Repairing

Animation Basics:
Animations are designed with the help of number of software packages like Adobe Flash, Maya, GIF Animator and Many other packages. You crate animations either by hand or using digital techniques, there are some basic principles that remain universal. Lip-synching, squash and stretch, walk cycles - all are familiar hallmarks of animation, and should be mastered no matter how you prefer to animate. 2D, 3D animations require advanced knowledge of IT skills and creativity to design the stories on the themes that you intend to develop.

  • Animation Character Sheet/Character Breakdown Basics

  • Lip-Synching For Animation: Basic Phonemes
  • Key frame and In-Between Basics
  • Building an Animation-Ready Character
  • 8-Frame Basic Walk Cycle
  • Cut - Off Animation
  • Pencil Animation: Rough Motion Sketches
  • Pencil Animation: Rough Detail Sketches
  • Pencil Animation: Retracing & Line Weight
    If you intend to understand more about the animation basics you are directed to visit FAQs and answers in the link:  Animation Basics

Ten Action scripts of Basic Animation Effects using Adobe Flash: download

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